Make chronic disease disappear in your workforce

Meditrina provides all the tools you need to build a healthier, happier workforce! Cut costs, see better ROI, and help your members make lasting change towards better health outcomes.

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How much are your employees at risk?

Chronic disease could affect up to 70% of your workforce, but 92% of people are not receiving the care they need to prevent chronic illness. With the right corporate wellness, you have the power to save lives within your organization! 

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Invest in employee wellbeing, get a dedicated workforce in return

Meditrina helps people prevent chronic disease without disrupting their daily lives! We make it easy to ensure healthier work habits and activities while saving on pesky healthcare costs. Your members will feel happier and healthier, and you'll see the tangible impact of a healthy workforce on your bottom line!

1 in 3

One in three people have prediabetes, and at least 80% of them don't even know it.


Employees wish their company did more to support their wellbeing and activity at work.


Using Meditrina for 1 year can result in a 70% reduced risk for chronic diseases like diabetes!


You can save about $1,000 on medical costs per employee with Meditrina!

Designed specifically for the workplace

Encourage healthier behaviors in your workplace without sacrificing productivity. The Meditrina app helps your employees find ways to balance their activity at work, engage in workplace wellness initiatives, and increase worker satisfaction!


Dedicated support for work and home

We all need someone in our corner! Meditrina connects your employees to a dedicated health coach who can help them set and achieve personalized goals around activities they already love to do, whether at home or at work!


Drive Meaningful Metrics

We don't just drive for engagement, we drive for impact. In fact, Meditrina only makes money if positive and measurable outcomes are achieved by members; otherwise it's free.


How does Meditrina impact your business?

Cut costs on healthcare spending

We do all the heavy lifting for your HR team

Increase retention and productivity

Improve wellbeing and satisfaction


What People Are Saying

"We didn’t know we needed this level of digital care in the workplace, simply because we'd never seen it before. But now that Meditrina has made it possible, we'd miss out if we were not to take advantage of it."

Monique, US Health & Wellbeing Manager at CGI


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