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We've been failing to care for our employees.

Healthcare today is reactive, not proactive. When we can't help our workers prevent serious health issues, the results cost human lives and employers billions of dollars each year in terms of insurance claims, absenteeism, and reduced productivity. And for the employees who are dealing with these health conditions, it can be a daunting experience to manage them without the right guidance or knowledge. Employers who fail to offer proactive disease prevention as part of their comprehensive wellness program are missing the biggest opportunity to help employees who need it the most.

It's time we ditch the "sick care" system.

Since our inception, we've made it our mission to make proactive healthcare a priority. That's why Meditrina makes it easy for any organization to promote a culture of health for their employees, in turn saving thousands in healthcare and absenteeism costs.


The only solution designed for work

Help your employees find ways to get healthier at work without sacrificing any productivity, money, or administrative duties! We handle everything from enrollment to outcomes for your HR team, so you can focus on what matters.

Our app is fully customizable for your employee and business needs. For instance, integrate your work calendar to encourage workers to move more during their breaks, or let us help drive more engagement for your workplace wellness initiatives!

Someone's always in your corner

Support your employees with a dedicated health coach to drive for more engagement and better results. Our talented coaches act as a friend that Meditrina members can feel accountable to. By making digital care more human, Meditrina's coaching system leads to faster outcomes, more meaningful metrics, greater personalization and happier people!

Coaches help members set and achieve the best health goals, and the best part is it doesn't cost a dime!

Get healthier doing what you love to do

Healthy doesn't have to be a chore. And healthy is different for everybody. We at Meditrina believe in helping people adopt healthier habits doing things they already love to do.

With the aid of the app and health coach, members can set personal goals that fit into their work and life schedules. Meditrina members don't have to disrupt their existing lives, routines, or schedules whatsoever, but they can still achieve wellness goals that eliminate chronic disease!

Measurable change that matters

Our team believes that people should not have to pay for healthcare that doesn't work. That's why here at Meditrina, we only make money if we can help your employees achieve quantifiable and positive health outcomes that reduce your bottom line. Yep, seriously. This is not your cookie-cutter health program.

We can reliably define and measure impactful change through various smart device integrations, as well as in-app interactions and functions.

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Meet Meditrina

Meditrina Technologies is developing a mobile app that can reverse chronic disease in the workplace! Featuring a digital care program that connects employees to a personal health coach, Meditrina helps people set healthy goals around things they already love to do without having to disrupt their existing life at work or home!

With integrations catered to each company, employers can instantly see a better ROI: saving thousands in healthcare dollars per employee, reducing absenteeism, boosting employee productivity and fostering a happier workforce. Equip your workforce with the technology and support they need, and only pay a fraction of the price for positive health outcomes achieved!

Meet the Founder

Aliyah Desautels is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meditrina. She may be young, but don't let that fool you; during the pandemic Aliyah launched two startups and was recognized as a top 100 healthcare leader by the International Forum of Advancements in Healthcare.


Her expertise in health psychology and biomedical engineering have equipped her to become an award-winning innovator with experience in various industries, including prosthetics, medical device design, and corporate/federal management software. In her free time she enjoys solving puzzles and playing with her kitten.

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Our Startup Journey

Apr. 2021

Meditrina wins VCU Demo Day

Jun. 2021

Awarded on a global stage at IFAH

Jul. 2021

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Sep. 2021

Graduate from Founder Institute

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